Mitch McCrackenWelcome to Cracker Box Publishing, the online home of author, speaker, and radio DJ Mitch McCracken.  Cracker Box Publishing was launched in 2012 with the release of McCracken's first book, Radio DazeRadio Daze takes you behind the scenes of the world of radio disc jockeys from the era when DJs played what they wanted to play and said what they wanted to say.

McCracken's road to becoming a well known DJ in many markets around the USA was not the typical one, to say the least.  The tale he tells is one you won't soon forget in his engrossing autobiographical review of his own spectacular life.  You'll read about Mitch's tragic childhood, his determination to overcome all obstacles in making his dreams come true, falling in love, and serving hit after hit on radio stations nationwide.  You'll hear how Elvis Presley's best friend, George Klein, helped inspire a young McCracken while still in high school, you'll learn what songs McCracken helped launch up the charts, and you'll get to read about his interview with Doors frontman Jim Morrison... three years after his death. It's a beautiful, encouraging story that you won't want to put down!

Radio Daze is just the beginning, however.  Cracker Box Publishing will continue to publish more of McCracken's stories in future releases.

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